Brittyne and Chad – Louisville Water Tower – July 7, 2018

Brittyne and Chad – Louisville Water Tower – July 7, 2018

This day was perfect!  The weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful, the families were joyous, and the couple was madly in love!  That combination is a home run for any wedding photographer.  You really can’t get much better.  I am so very glad that I got to be a part of Chad and Brittyne’s wedding day.

Chad and Brittyne met at a speed dating event. Even though they hit it off that first night, it took a while for their relationship to really begin.  Here is Chad’s version of the story:

We met at a local speed dating event hosted at Diamond’s Pub and Billiards in Louisville, Kentucky. We both arrived a few minutes early, and I spotted Brittyne sitting alone drinking a glass of white wine. “This is perfect”, I thought. “She likes wine, I like wine. We have something to talk about right now. After all, there’s no rule that says we have to wait for things to officially start before we can meet.” It seemed to me like we hit it off right away; it was a nice conversation. A short time later the speed dating began and I couldn’t wait to get to her table. Once again we sat with each other, wine in hand, and had a nice conversation. Of course I told the event organizer I felt Brittyne and I were a match, and the next day I found out she had done the same. I took her out to Cafe Lou Lou for dinner that very evening. We had a very nice time, or so I thought, because after that… nothing. Not a word. “Oh well”, I thought. “That’s just the way things go.” Fast-forward 9½ months and guess who I saw again at speed dating, this time downtown at the Old Spaghetti Factory. “I remember you!”, I said. Once again we sat with each other, wine in had, and had another pleasant conversation. At the end of the night we both said we wanted to hear from each other again. Now, here’s where Brittyne and I disagree. She says I never called or sent her any text messages after that, and I say it was the other way around. I guess you’ll just have to consider who you think has the better memory and make your own judgement. Either way, there was silence; we just seemed to keep missing each other for one reason or another. Fast-forward again, another 9½ months, to the original scene of the crime at Diamond’s. We sat and talked, again, and said we wanted to hear from each other, again. I made sure to lock in a date this time, and a few days later we met for coffee at the Starbucks on Blankenbaker (well, I had coffee). It felt like we talked about everything, and we didn’t stop for a few hours. Something must have clicked that night at the coffee shop because we’ve been having pleasant conversations ever since.  -Chad

I got to know a little about Chad and Brittyne when we met for their engagement session.  No big surprise that Chad wasn’t exactly looking forward to this part of the engagement (very few groom’s do).  Still he had lots of great ideas and the photos turned out great.  I liked that when I asked Chad to kiss Brittyne’s hand for a photo that it turns out he actually does kiss her hand on a regular basis.  Finding fun tidbits like that will make you believe in lasting love.  Proposals are another form of lasting love and here is how Brittyne tells that story:

We went to Africa for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year’s. During the trip we travelled to Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of world. Chad had the engagement planned out, intending to propose at the last stop of the Falls. It had been raining for an hour and we were soaked from the rain and spray of the Falls. We were both looking a mess with wet hair and clothes, and starting to get tired. On the last stop of the Falls, which is a completely open view, Chad climbed on top of the rocks, asking me to climb up with him. I was not happy about this since it was wet and slippery; a stranger helped me get on the rocks. Chad gave me a big hug and starting talking about how we had met. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. He kept talking and the next thing I realized he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand, asking me to marry him. In my head I was screaming yes, but no words were coming out. I eventually figured out what was happening and finally said the word. YES! The ring was actually the first one we looked at. When they saw it in the store we both knew it was the one, but Chad said we couldn’t afford it so we kept looking. As soon as I saw him holding the ring I knew exactly which one it was. “Is that Lynn’s Ring?”, may have actually been the first words I said after realizing what was happening that day at the falls. Lynn is the jeweler Chad bought the ring from, and we had spent hours with looking at rings with him. After I said yes, Chad tried to put the ring on my right hand instead of my left. I kept saying, “No, no, no it’s the other hand”. He got it right eventually, and we embraced each other for a moment. When we turned around we were greeted with cheers and clapping from the crowd that had been watching our engagement unfold. It was an amazing feeling, hearing the onlookers cheer for us, and moment I’ll never forget! -Brittyne

Sometimes persistence really does pay off and I think it just goes to show that both Chad and Brittyne know the value of a good relationship and they will make marriage look easy for years to come!

For their wedding day Chad and Brittyne were surrounded by their family and friends from around the world!  The sky was an incredible shade of blue for the ceremony.  Brittyne and Chad even supplied their guests with sunglasses, which was good because it was a very bright day.

The reception was full of FUN!  Some of my favorite moments included watching Brittyne’s dad dance and Brittyne’s nephews racing on the lawn.

I wish Brittyne and Chad the very best for many years to come.

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