Katie and Travis Miller – St. Bernadette & Mellwood Arts Center

Katie and Travis Miller – St. Bernadette & Mellwood Arts Center

Katie and Travis have a classic love story but that doesn’t make them boring!  The more time I spent with them the more I saw how they made a good match.  Travis is easy to laugh and very caring.  Katie loyal and maybe a little sarcastic ;).  It is easy to see why these two get along so well.  

Katie works as a 7th Math teacher… she must have the patience of a saint, because I’m pretty sure that 7th grade and Math don’t mix well.  She is currently working on her Masters degree in Gifted Education Leadership.  She also coaches softball and golf.  She is obviously passionate about helping kids.  Travis also works for JCPS.  He is a CPR and AED instructor.

So you are probably thinking that maybe Katie and Travis met at work, but they didn’t.  Katie’s friend from college is married to Travis’ brother Marcus.  When Marcus met Katie  he knew she would get along with his brother Travis.  They started texting and met up later with her friends at O’Sheas.  For their first date they went out to lunch at Cafe 360, then went to the walking bridge.  From there fate took over.

Travis says he knew that Katie was the one for him pretty much immediately.  When they met she was a bit drunk, but could still hold an intelligent conversation.  Travis loves that Katie is a smartass, but still caring.  Katie also knew early that Travis was her match.  He simply made her happy and loved her more than anything.  She loves that he loves and protects her without being overbearing.

After 2.5 years of dating Travis asked Katie’s parents for permission to propose… while they were drunk at Derby!  Then months later on Christmas Eve 2016 Katie’s mom, Kelli, made Travis a stocking to welcome him into the family and offered it to him as the first gift of Christmas.  He was thankful, but said he wanted to give the first gift.  He pulled out an envelope and Katie was super excited at first, because she thought she knew what was coming, but then was immediately disappointed because rings don’t come in envelopes.  As she opened it, he down on one knee and the note said ” Will you marry me, check yes or no” because she always told him that he acted like a 12 year old boy… so he decided to propose like one.

The big day finally arrived and it was a HOT one.  The girls spent the morning getting ready at Mellwood Arts Center.  Hair, makeup, and decorating were in full swing by the time that I arrived.   Once everything was finished the wedding party travelled to St. Bernadette Catholic Church.  The same church where Travis was baptized.  We took a few pictures and then Katie had a first look moment with her Dad.  It is always touching to see the Dad’s tear up.   The matrimonial mass was given by Father John, a priest Katie became friendly with while she was attending college at Bellarmine.

After a hiccup with the planned transportation, the wedding party made it to Mellwood Arts Center just in time for the main introductions.  That was when the party started and I had to leave before it stopped!  What a night to remember for the new Mr. and Mrs. Miller!!

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