June 30, 2018 – Tell City, Indiana – Josalyn and Trent

June 30, 2018 – Tell City, Indiana – Josalyn and Trent

I am so glad I got the chance to work with Josalyn and Trent on their wedding day!  When Josalyn first contacted me I knew we would be a good fit because she has the same name as my youngest daughter!  Maybe one day I photograph a bride named Mia like my oldest daughter….

Josalyn and Trent were raised in Tell City, Indiana.  After college they both came back home to teach at William Tell Elementary.  Josalyn teaches 5th grade and Trent teaches 4th.

Josalyn played softball in college at Kentucky Wesleyan and loves coaching.  She has coached volleyball, basketball, and track.  She is a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl.  For fun, she likes to watch Trent coach and go to concerts.  She also likes traveling, the Bengals and the Reds.

Trent played baseball in college at Oakland City University and he is now the Head Baseball coach for the high school.  He also helps coach the football team.  Trent’s true passion is helping his players and team.  Trent loves all outdoor activities.  He enjoys playing disc golf, golf, basketball, and canoeing. He also likes playing cards and going to the casino. Trent is very close with his family, even his sister, although he might try to deny it.

Josalyn and Trent have known each other since they were young kids.  They went to school together since kindergarten.  They had the same friends in junior high and high school.  Josalyn even has a few of Trent’s school pictures from elementary school that he gave to her.  Neither of them is sure when they had their first date.  It was sometime in high school.  They started out as just really good friends.  They would drive around town and watch basketball games together. Eventually it just turned into something more.

Josalyn had no idea the proposal was coming.  Anytime someone would ask Trent when they were going to get engaged he always responded with “never”.  Josalyn thought it’d be at least another year or so.  Trent actually spent about 2 weeks planning the proposal.  Josalyn had already planned a trip to Disney World so he just had to figure out how he was going to do it.  There were a few times that it almost got spoiled… First, there was a call from the jewelry store on Trent’s phone.  He thought Josalyn had seen it, so he made up an elaborate story to explain why had had a call from Jared’s… however she didn’t even see it on his phone.  Second, he had reached out to Josalyn’s friend that worked at Disney to try to make some arrangements.  When she missed the call she called Josalyn to ask why she was calling her from Trent’s phone… obviously Josalyn hadn’t called her from Trent’s phone, so she got a little suspicious but quickly forgot about it and stayed oblivious to Trent’s plans.

At Disney Trent waited until Josalyn water to take a picture in front of the castle.  Josalyn'[s friend tried to get her to have a professional take a picture so she could video it but Josalyn wanted to be able to look at the picture and delete it if she didn’t like it so the video didn’t work out.  Then when Trent finally proposed, Josalyn couple believe it.  She asked him if he was joking just to be sure.  She can’t even remember a word that he said.  She was so surprised that it was a blur.  He says he wasn’t nervous but Josalyn remembers his voice shaking.  When he got down on one knee the ring fell out of the box!  He had to pick it up off the ground a few feet say.  He was so embarrassed but Josalyn just thought it added to the moment.  Afterward they celebrated by getting Mickey Mouse ice cream.  It was a magical day!

The wedding day came quickly. The ceremony took place at St. Paul Church in the heart of Tell City.  It was a very HOT day so I’m sure they were glad to have the wedding indoors with air conditioning.  Josalyn cried happy tears as she walked down the aisle to marry the man she loves.

After the ceremony, the guests lined the sidewalk and blew bubbles over the happy couple!

We spent a short time taking pictures in the park outside of City Hall with Josalyn and Trent and the Wedding Party.  Afterwards, we made a pit stop and Josalyn and Trent’s favorite Bar & Grill for a quick drink before the reception.

Josalyn said one of the things she was most looking forward to on their wedding day was having everyone together and dancing the night away!  Also, the delicious cupcakes…. Well, I think her dreams came true.  The entrance was grand, the dance was romantic, and the cake was in fact delicious.

I am sure that Josalyn and Trent will have a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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