Mikaela and Cody – The Hidden Homestead, Smith’s Grove – Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Mikaela and Cody – The Hidden Homestead, Smith’s Grove – Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Mikaela and Cody designed a cute country wedding at the Hidden Homestead in Smith’s Grove, Kentucky. It is a beautiful barn venue, and easy to see why Mikaela and Cody were drawn to it for their celebration.

I enjoyed getting to know Mikaela and Cody during their engagement session at Bernheim forest last fall. Mikaela and Cody are high school sweethearts. They met in gym class at Central Hardin High School. They were playing basketball and Mikaela beat Cody. He apparently was not too happy about it and yelled at Mikaela. She wasn’t going to take his attitude so she yelled right back. After that they talked everyday in class, in the hallway, and after school. It wasn’t until the next year on October 19, 2011 that Cody officially asked Mikaela out and they have been together ever since.

For their actual first date Cody went with Mikaela and her family to her indoor soccer game and then to dinner at Cattleman’s afterwards. When the waitress came to give the check to Mikaela’s dad… Richard said Cody was paying! Cody got so nervous that he spilled his Sprite onto the floor and all over Mikaela!

Cody proposed to Mikaela in his mom’s kitchen on September 30, 2016. He walked up behind Mikaela, turned her around, and got down on one knee and when he began to say “Will you marry me?” she cut him off. She told him that if he hadn’t asked her dad yet, so he couldn’t ask her… He responded with “I stopped by your house on the way here and talked to your Mom and Dad and they said yes.” Mikaela immediately started crying and balled like a baby while he finished his proposal.

Mikaela and Cody both share a very strong love for family and I think this is just one of the things that makes them a great couple. Yes, they may be a little competitive but that will just help them down the road as they learn to stand by each other and lift each other up.

The BIG day started with putting the final touches on the decorations at the barn. The girls got hair and makeup done and the boys got a tie tying lesson from the bride’s dad. Two special moments for Mikaela was getting to do a first look with her Dad and sewing the pocket of her grandfather’s shirt into her gown as a memorial to him. He passed away only the week before. Each of these events brought tears to her eyes, but nothing was as sweet as the reveal with Cody.

They were both standing in the barn waiting in anticipation, but the moment wasn’t complete. As a final touch we added a little music. We hooked up Cody’s phone to the sound system and Mikaela picked the song. It was perfection.

The ceremony overlooked the lake just as the sun was beginning to set. It was a hot day so everyone was glad when a few clouds came out. The officiant was the same man who officiated the wedding of Mikaela’s parents. I would say that is a good way to start! The reception was a night full of fun, dancing, and hopefully lots of memories for Cody and Mikaela.

VENUE: The Hidden Homestead

CATERER: Jill Skaggs

FLORIST: Upton Florist

CAKE: Gigi’s Cupcakes, Bowling Green

DJ: Keith Ray

MAKE-UP: Hannah Terry

HAIR: Katie Curry

DRESS: Regiss Bridal

OFFICIANT: Wayne Hatcher

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