Charliann and Tommy – Buffalo Trace Distillery – Frankfort, Kentucky

Charliann and Tommy – Buffalo Trace Distillery – Frankfort, Kentucky

Charliann and Tommy are a perfect match and their wedding day was picturesque at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort.

Both being Louisville natives, Charliann and Tommy met when she moved across the street from him. She was only 14 to his 16 but they both shared a love of running and outdoor activities.

For their first date they planned a walk in the park. Charliann’s dad vetoed that idea, since he didn’t know Tommy very well. So Charliann ended up visiting Tommy at his house and just hanging out. They sat on the couch and talked and had a good time. At the end as Charliann was about to leave Tommy gave her a kiss, but she says she was super awkward about it because she wasn’t expecting it.

The proposal also came as a total surprise. Tommy got his cousin, who is a photographer, to ask pretend she needed a model for her website. The day turned out to be super rainy and Charliann could not understand why she wouldn’t reschedule the session, but she went along with it anyway. As they were taking pictures in the park, Tommy came up behind Charliann. She was very confused as to why he was there, until he got down on one knee and then it hit her. It was super sweet and Tommy was really nervous, but Charliann got super excited once she realized what was happening. Afterward, Tommy had arranged for both of their families to be waiting back at the cars and it made the moment so much more fun!

On the wedding day you could tell they were both a little nervous at first, but once they got together they both relaxed and enjoyed every moment. Even though Mother Nature threatened to rain out their ceremony, Tommy and Charliann kept their spirits up… and guess what the clouds parted and the ceremony was lovely.

After the ceremony the wedding party and guests were treated to a tour and tasting at the Buffalo Trace distillery. It was a unique element you couldn’t get anywhere else that I am sure the guests enjoyed.

At the reception, Charliann was once again surprised by Tommy, when he serenaded her with an original song. Then Charliann and her Dad surprised the guests when they boogied to a mash-up of different songs for their Father-Daughter dance. It was a fun-filled evening for Tommy and Charliann, spent with everyone they love.

Special Thanks to all the amazing vendors that made Charliann and Tommy’s wedding day so special. It was my pleasure working with all of you:

Venue: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Wedding Planner: All About You Celebrations –

Caterer: Ladyfingers –

Florist: Jeanie Gorrell –

Bakery: Mix and Match Cakes –

DJ: Complete Wedding and Events –

Make-up: Jennifer Edlin

Hair: Melanie Neutz –

Dress Salon: USA Bridal –

Tux: Men’s Wearhouse –

Officiant: Kendal Butler

  1. Bonnie Walker

    June 9th, 2018 at 2:18 am

    I’m glad I have this opportunity to express my surprise, gratitude and appreciation for the care and attention given to me by the wedding planner.
    I am Charliann’s maternal grandmother. She was the first of my grandchildren to get married and I didn’t have any expectations as to my role in this most solemn of ceremonies except to support and welcome the Lindeman’s into our family.
    Kate (“short for Catherine” she said) treated me as a star myself in this event. Seems like she shadowed me to meet any need I had!
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to recognize her.

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