Stephanie and Jacob Kennedy – September 30, 2017 – Across the Tracks B&B

Stephanie and Jacob Kennedy – September 30, 2017 – Across the Tracks B&B

Stephanie and Jacob hired me to be their photographer 21 months before their wedding.  It was such a pleasure to finally see all their plans and hard work come together for one very special day.  They were married in Glendale, Kentucky at the Across the Tracks Bed and Breakfast owned by their friends Brian and Nina.  It was the perfect Fall day.  The temperature was cool, the humidity was gone for a change, and there wasn’t any chance of rain.

My favorite part of this day were all the handmade elements and heirlooms.  The bouquets, lots of decorations, favors, and more things than I can think were made by the bride and were really beautiful.

Stephanie wore a dress from David’s Bridal that had lace on the bust and three-quarter sleeves.  The final touches were a beaded belt, Jacob’s great-grandmother’s brooch, and a pair of converse tennis shoes. Jacob wore a grey vest, lavender tie, and of course his Chucks.

Stephanie knew she wanted to marry Jacob because when there was drama in her life he always seemed to be right there to help her through.  He would listen, make her laugh, and just distract her from everything.  She loves his sense of humor, even if it comes out in the most inappropriate times  or most inappropriate ways.  She will always laugh.

Jacob says he can just randomly look at Stephanie everyday and be reminded of how he loves her and knew there wasn’t better way to show his love than to marry her.  He is always trying to make her laugh because he loves the sound of her giggle.  Its so damn cute!

Stephanie and Jacob decided to do a first look before the ceremony.  It was a nerve racking moment that included a few tears, but then the real fun began.  We got to take some awesome photos around the B&B property.  It has some incredible scenery!

Jacob and Stephanie were especially looking forward to the ceremony.  They used the lyrics from Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give you Up” to make their vows the most EPIC Rick Roll.  They also preformed a Celtic Hand Fasting as a symbolic ring exchange.  Stephanie of course braided the cord for the ceremony.  I honestly believe it was the fastest wedding ceremony I have seen to date!

While Jacob and Stephanie would describe themselves as obnoxious and disruptive, I think they just know how to find the FUN in life and that is one of the best ways to build a marriage.

  1. Kim Smith

    October 10th, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    These two are seriously a perfect pair, I remember when they furs got together I was shocked at first but I soon realized they were an amazing couple!!! I love these two like my family although we don’t get together n hang out much I’ll always love these two!!! I’m so glad I was able to be there in their special day!! I lLIVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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