Maria and Matt McIntosh – October 7, 2017 – St. Boniface & O’Shea’s

Maria and Matt McIntosh – October 7, 2017 – St. Boniface & O’Shea’s

There were a few things about Maria and Matt’s wedding day that didn’t go as planned, but my favorite part is that they didn’t let the unexpected ruin this important day.  They stayed relaxed and it was an incredible celebration of the love that they share.  The wedding ceremony took place October 7, at St. Boniface Catholic Church in downtown Louisville.  

The service started a little late due to the rings being left at the hotel, but that problem was quickly remedied and Maria was a vision walking down the aisle.  I really thought Matt was going to cry but he held it in with a big grin on his face!.

I was really grateful to have a beautiful church to work in.  Maria and Matt were both running a little late getting to the church and so most the photos were postponed until after the ceremony. It didn’t even feel rushed because these two are so easy to work with and everything turned out beautifully!

Maria told me that her favorite decoration at the reception was the memory table.  It included a stuffed bear made from her grandfather’s shirt that Matt had made for her.  It was a very emotionally charged present that I know Maria will always cherish.  The table was also filled with photos of the family that Maria and Matt wished could have been there with them that day.

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